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What Air Duct Cleaning Package Do You Need? Let Us Help You Decide!

bronze silver gold duct cleaning packages

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the science of indoor air duct cleaning is still in its developmental stages.

What is already well documented scientifically, however, is the ever-worsening quality of indoor air sources in general.

Recent ongoing indoor air quality studies indicate that our indoor air is often more polluted than the air just outside our homes and workplaces.

What makes this such a health concern is simply this: the average adult in North America spends up to 90 percent of the average day indoors, breathing this increasingly polluted indoor air.

For this reason, the EPA recommends indoor air duct cleanings when there is a justifiable need. In this post, we will talk about what those justifiable needs might be and how to choose the level of air duct cleaning for your home or workplace needs.

When a Professional Air Duct Cleaning is Justified

The EPA has identified certain situations when a professional indoor air duct cleaning might be recommended or warranted.

You or someone in your family or employee group is experiencing health symptoms that continue despite ongoing attempts to alleviate them. Here, particular symptoms to watch for include respiratory, skin allergy, memory, mood, or attention issues.

  • Your home or workplace seems unusually dusty given the level of inside-outside traffic and regular housekeeping.
  • Deposits of mould or mildew have been discovered in, at, or near the site of one or more air registers.
  • Known toxic or hazardous substances or chemicals are used regularly in the space, including but not limited to glues or adhesives, paints or primers, tobacco, wood smoke, commercial cleaning products or air fresheners, and similar others.
  • You have no documentation of any prior indoor air duct cleaning taking place in the history of the property, and logic suggests that the occasional air duct cleaning would complement and enhance the results of your annual HVAC/furnace inspection and cleaning as well as improving system efficiency.
  • Air ducts are shown to be densely packed or clogged with dust, debris, dirt, and/or vermin (insects, rodent debris and waste, etc.).

How Often Should Your Indoor Air Ducts Be Professionally Cleaned?

This is a great question—and one with no single definitive answer.

Part of the answer lies here: just as regular inspection and maintenance services can extend the life of your HVAC/furnace systems, so too can regular attention to air duct cleaning be expected to benefit the efficiency and lifespan of these systems.

The rest of the answer depends on how and how frequently the indoor space is used. For households or workplaces with heavy chemical or tobacco use, for instance, the indoor air ducts would more quickly accumulate potentially toxic particulate matter.

It is known that having a clean air filter and clean air vents, air registers, and air grills can improve HVAC/furnace efficiency year-round. This is because the cooling and heating systems don’t have to work as hard to transport temperature-controlled air through the system.

Conversely, when air filters, air ducts, and registers begin to clog up with dust and debris, the system has to expend extra energy to push the air through into each room. By keeping the air duct system, filters, and registers clean and clear, minimal energy is expended to complete this task and money is also saved.

Having offered these caveats, Angie’s List and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommends having your indoor air ducts professionally cleaned every two to five years or as needed. Those with pets or allergies would benefit from an annual cleaning.  

Which of These Three Indoor Air Duct Cleaning Packages Should You Choose?

Here at Clean Air Solutions Hamilton, we work in partnership with our sister company, Shipton’s Heating & Cooling, to ensure our clients have the cleanest, most efficient, and effective indoor air quality systems.

Together, we have nearly a century of expertise in the temperature control and indoor air quality industries. We have seen firsthand how temperature control and indoor air quality technology has evolved since Shipton’s first opened its doors in 1924.

Today, as a third-generation family-owned and operated duo of companies, we offer three packages that have been specifically tailored to the needs of our HVAC and air quality clients.

Here is an overview of the three indoor air duct cleaning packages we offer:


  • Complete Rotobrush HEPA vacuum service
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing service
  • Air register cleaning service


  • Everything in Bronze, plus:
  • Furnace fan compartment cleaning service
  • A/C coil cleaning service


  • Everything in Bronze and Silver, plus:
  • 21-point furnace inspection and maintenance service

So which service do you need? And how will you know?

Here is what we recommend:

When to order Bronze

For pure indoor air quality maintenance purposes, it doesn’t get better than our Bronze air duct cleaning package, which gets right to the heart of keeping your recirculating indoor air as clean and toxin-free as possible.

When to order Silver

The Silver air duct package is a great choice when you have recently (within the last 12 months) had your HVAC/furnace system inspected and maintained, but now you want to have your indoor air duct system inspected and cleaned as well.

When to order Gold

If you have never had your indoor air duct system professionally cleaned, and you have no record of having had your furnace inspected and maintained (for instance, because you just bought a home and the previous homeowner did not know), the Gold package is the perfect choice for you.

Give Us a Call

If you are still not sure which package is the best fit for your needs, we encourage you to reach out to us to schedule your free consultation.

During this consultation, we provide you with a free, no-obligation indoor air duct cleaning service quote. Give us a call at 905-544-2470 to set up your appointment now!

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Why Hire Clean Air Solutions? We’ll Let Our Happy Clients Tell You!

why hire Clean Air Solutions

If you think back just five or 10 years ago, most companies used paid advertising nearly exclusively to sell their products and services to customers.

Today, so much has changed.

Of course, companies still invest in advertising. But the companies with the most loyal customer followings and high percentages of new referrals know something the rest do not, which is this: one happy, satisfied customer can do more to ensure the doors stay open for business than any paid ad ever could.

Just one happy customer who tells one friend, who becomes a happy customer who tells two friends, who becomes a happy customer who tells three friends… well, you get the picture.

So in this post, we decided to let our happy customers speak for us to share why they are glad they chose us to help clean and purify their indoor air!

Budget-Friendly Cleaner, Purer Air In Just One Day

Patrick Grochowicz (clean air technician) was very friendly and did an excellent job of cleaning my vents. He also showed me before and after pictures of each vent. He cleaned up after himself and even took off my ceiling vents in both bathrooms so that I could clean them, and he didn't have to do that. I would not hesitate to use him again and his company. Thank you. Temi Dulberg, testimonial via HomeStars

Did you know that Clean Air Solutions Hamilton has a sister company called Shipton’s Heating & Cooling? Shipton’s opened in 1924 (nearly a century ago!).

Dave and Tim Shipton, the third-generation owners of the Shipton’s family business, launched Clean Air Solutions Hamilton to respond to a growing need among Shipton’s customers for customized air quality solutions that could address a rise in health issues like seasonal allergies and asthma.

Currently, Clean Air Solutions Hamilton offers three budget-friendly air duct cleaning packages to meet your needs:

Bronze Package

Provide complete vacuum service for air duct system (supply and return ducts), deodorize and sanitize air duct system, and clean the air registers.

Silver Package

All Bronze components plus clean furnace fan compartment and A/C coil.

Gold Package

All Silver components plus 21-point furnace inspection and maintenance service.

Cutting-Edge Air Quality Technology You Can Trust

Brandon arrived to our home at the scheduled time and did a thorough and effective cleaning of our ductwork. The amount of dust appearing on furniture has been noticeably less since the work was done. Dave M., testimonial via HomeStars

When we promise to give you a clean air solution that will purify your indoor air of pollen, allergens, toxins, dust mites, pet dander, mould and mildew spores, dirt, debris, and other respiratory health inhibitors, we really mean it.

Our cutting-edge Rotobrush-based air duct cleaning system is like a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum cleaner on steroids.

If you are not familiar with HEPA, it is currently considered the “gold standard” of air purification. HEPA is also the only system certified to remove 99.97 percent of all airborne toxins (this includes toxic particles as small as 1/100th the width of a single human hair!).

Our 35-foot vacuum hose can handle any residential or commercial space. Within three to five hours (depending on the size of the space), all built-up debris and toxins hiding inside your indoor air ducts will be gone. We then spend 30 to 45 minutes deodorizing and sanitizing your entire air duct system, which eradicates any lingering particles and guards against future toxin buildup.

All this to say: we take cleaning and purifying your indoor air very seriously indeed.

Old-Fashioned End-to-End Courteous Customer Service

Once again CleanAir Solutions has come to my house and done a better job than I imagined. Counting the storefront, I met six or seven happy and hardworking people. I will call again. My air is great! Rob Y., testimonial via HomeStars

In many circles, it is being said that customer service is dead. Live agents are being replaced with automated teleprompters. The phone call, once such a critical part of the service process, has been largely kicked to the curb in favor of online fill-in forms.

But you won’t find any of that here at Clean Air Solutions Hamilton. When you pick up the phone to call us, you will hear a warm and welcoming real voice on the other end. If you visit us on Facebook or send us an email, you will get a prompt and detailed response.

From first contact to end result, our entire employee family prides itself on being friendly, courteous, polite, clean-spoken, tobacco-free, prompt, professional, and meticulous.

Our goal is to offer you an exceptional and highly personalized experience in an era when bare bones basics is all most customers can count on these days. We are real people serving real people with real, down-home friendly and courteous customer service, and we plan to keep it that way.

3 Incredible Service Guarantees

CleanAir provided me with everything I needed in a duct cleaning. They were on time, courteous, and went out of their way to make sure my house stayed clean and tidy. Anthony C., testimonial via HomeStars

One-Year Money-Back Installation Guarantee

If we install new equipment and you are not completely satisfied, you have 12 full months to return it for a free replacement or complementary removal with full refund.

Client Courtesy Guarantee

Our technicians will arrive promptly with a smile and ready to get to work. They will lay down drop cloths and safety coverings to ensure all of your possessions and furnishings are fully protected. When the job is finished, they will clean up after themselves before departing.

No Surprises Pricing Guarantee

What we quote you is what you will pay—absolutely no pricing surprises.

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SEER Ratings and Your New Air Conditioner: What You Need to Know


SEER. When you are in the market to buy a new air conditioner, this acronym is just one of many mysterious new terms you may encounter.

But few other terms will be as important for your carbon footprint or your bottom line.

SEER stands for “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.” In this post, we explore what SEER can mean for your energy bill and indoor comfort.

Where Do SEER Ratings Come From?

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) developed the SEER rating system in partnership with the AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute).

Every air conditioner sold commercially in North America is assigned a SEER rating. This is to help consumers like you choose the best air conditioner for the summer weather pattern in your local area—provided you understand what the SEER rating is trying to tell you.

In the U.S., there is also complementary program called Energy Star that evaluates the overall efficiency of many appliances, including air conditioners.

What About Canada’s EER Rating?

In Canada, a similar rating system to SEER exists through the EnerGuide program.

In fact, recently, EnerGuide and Energy Star have partnered together to offer Canadian consumers as much information as possible about major appliance efficiency.

Through EnerGuide, each air conditioner also receives an EER (Energy Efficiency Rating). The EER rating measures the overall efficiency of an air conditioning unit relative to its peers, assuming a constant daily temperature of 95°F (35°C).

The higher the EER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner will be.

What Does “Seasonal” Really Mean?

The word “seasonal” in the SEER rating acronym doesn’t refer to summer versus winter. It refers to summer weather pattern differences in different areas of North America.

For example, in the United States, the entire country is divided into three regions: North, South, and Southwest. Summer weather patterns differ from one region to the next, which influences the minimum SEER rating required for air conditioners sold in each region.

The goal of using a seasonal efficiency rating versus an overall efficiency rating is to ensure customers are selecting the right air conditioner to deliver top energy efficiency for their unique weather patterns.

What’s In a SEER Rating?

The SEER rating formula is designed to measure an air conditioner’s total cooling output (BTU) divided by its total energy input (in watts per hour) over a typical warm weather season of usage.

The SEER rating for an individual air conditioner will typically appear on that unit’s Energy Guide label. It will look like this: “13AC.” This translates to “13 SEER.”

13AC or 14AC is currently the minimum SEER rating required for new air conditioning units manufactured for sale in most areas within North America. However, SEER ratings can go much higher to accommodate the energy efficiency needs for different-size spaces.

A (Sort Of) Easy Formula to Calculate A/C Operations Costs

If you are mathematically inclined, you may really enjoy the U.S. Department of Energy’s formulas for calculating overall SEER energy efficiency.

For the rest of us, we highly recommend the AHRI’s simpler formula for calculating the annual cost of operating air conditioners with different SEER ratings:

SEER (capacity) * Hours (1000) * Electricity rate in your area = Annual cost of operation

P.S. If you promised yourself you would never make yourself calculate anything ever again after completing your education, the AHRI also states that talking with a reputable HVAC company is a great way to estimate annual operating costs for a new air conditioning unit.

SEER’s Impact on A/C Pricing

In some ways, SEER ratings present a catch-22: you will pay more initially to purchase an air conditioner that bears a higher SEER rating. But you will make that money back over the long run with more efficient operation and lower monthly utility bills.

Or at least that is the running theory.

What is critical to understand here is that a higher SEER rating is not always the best choice. Several factors can combine to determine whether purchasing an A/C unit with a higher SEER rating will really deliver the level of cost savings that will justify the purchase price.

These factors include:

  • How long you plan to reside in your current home. The longer you stay, the more savings you will reap and the more that higher SEER rating will save you in utility bills.

  • If the new A/C unit is sized appropriately for your property. Buying a unit that is too small or too large can negate a higher SEER rating.

  • If your your home is prepared to make the best use of a higher SEER rated A/C. On average, you will receive 5 percent greater energy efficiency with each single digit increase in SEER rating, provided your home is ready to make full use of it.

How to Choose the Right SEER Rating

So you now know what SEER stands for and how it complements Canada’s EER rating. You know what you need to do to create the most efficiency-friendly home space for your new A/C unit.

Now, how do you know you are choosing the right SEER rating for your needs?

The right SEER rating for you will depend on a number of factors:

  • The daily impact of sunshine on your home

  • The total volume of interior space

  • The age, condition, and orientation of your windows

  • The age and condition of your home

  • The amount of shade your home receives

This stage is when most people will begin consulting with a professional HVAC provider to ensure the right match in overall cooling capacity (tonnage) and energy efficiency (SEER) for their home space.

Give Us a Call

If you are ready to tackle SEER in earnest in your search for a new air conditioner, we can help! Give us a call at 905-544-2470.

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