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How to Make Every Day Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day

Every year, Canada celebrates two holidays focused on cleaning up the country’s air and keeping it that way: Canadian Environment Week and Clean Air Day. Both are federally recognized holidays and both happen in the summer (the first week in June, to be exact).

But there is no need to wait a whole year for the next celebration of clean air to start cleaning up your own indoor air supply! In this post, learn how to make every day clean air day.

How Dirty Air Affects You

Twenty percent of Canadians have a dirty-air-related respiratory ailment. And even among Canadians who are still healthy, a full three-quarters believe that every time they take a breath, their health is negatively impacted.

Serious childhood asthma is on the rise, and the death toll linked to toxic air is rising similarly. In fact, 16,000+ Canadians die annually from the health impact of breathing in poisonous air. No matter how you look at the issue, this remains clear: unless each person steps up to the plate to make individual changes, the situation will simply get worse.

Simple Changes That Can Save Your Family's Health

Luckily, the changes that are needed come in all sizes and shapes. You don't have to have a ton of spare cash, a degree in chemical engineering, or a desire to live "off the grid" to make a measurable impact in the quality of your own indoor air.

These simple changes can start purifying your family's air supply right away:

Choose an eco-friendly HVAC unit

When you are ready to replace your air conditioner, consider your options carefully. Did you know Energy Star-certified HVAC units can reduce your energy use and monthly utility bills by 20 to 50 percent?

Also look for a unit with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit, and the lower the energy cost to run it.

Insulate your air ducts and water pipes

The more well-insulated your air ducts and water pipes are, the less it will cost you to keep your home cool and your shower hot.

But even more importantly, along with improved insulation comes purer air, because fewer toxins can sneak into your indoor air and water supply at various points along the way.

Have your A/C unit inspected and maintained

If you haven't scheduled an inspection and maintenance call for your A/C unit in some time, it could be leaking toxic ozone and you wouldn't even know it! In the sky, ozone is a safe and protective barrier for our planet. But on the ground, ozone and ozone-depleting elements are toxic when we breathe them in.

Having your A/C unit maintained will identify whether it is leaking and, if so, the best method of repair and disposal of ozone-related toxins and contaminated materials (repair technicians are required by law to dispose of these materials in a particular manner).

Schedule an indoor air quality test

In addition to pet dander, mould spores, tobacco smoke, exhaust, pollen, and toxins that we can see and smell, there are many more hidden toxins that cannot be easily detected. However, an indoor air quality test will detect them with ease.

Such toxins include ozone, carbon monoxide, particulate matter, formaldehyde, asbestos, organic chemicals (especially from cleaning products), and others. An indoor air quality test will detect these hidden toxins, highlight their concentrations, and help you develop a plan to detoxify and purify your indoor air.

Have your air ducts cleaned professionally

Having your air ducts professionally cleaned is like winning the biggest "hide and seek" jackpot ever. This is because most of the toxins, pollutants, particulates, and allergens that are circulating in your indoor air system are hiding out in your ducts.

Over time, your air duct system becomes clogged with dust and debris, making the circulating air increasingly toxic to breathe. By having all of these toxins removed from your air ducts, your air will instantly become more pure and stay that way.

Have your dryer vent cleaned professionally

A great adjunct to a professional air duct cleaning is a dryer vent cleaning. This type of professional-grade cleaning goes far beyond just netting the surface dust out of the lint catcher. It gets back into the duct system in your dryer to remove hidden toxic dust and debris.

Not only will this make your dryer much more efficient and cost-effective, but it will greatly reduce the risk of fire and prevent additional toxins from being reintroduced into your indoor air supply every time you dry your clothes.

Bring greenery indoors

Houseplants can be some of the best friends you ever make when it comes to indoor air purity. Houseplants suck up the carbon dioxide we exhale, keeping our air fresh and oxygen-rich.

Houseplants also effortlessly filter out many common indoor air toxins while also adding pleasant ambience to any room. Check out this list of 10 houseplants guaranteed to purify your indoor air for more ideas.

Change your cleaning products

Finally, no post about clean indoor air would be complete without discussing the products you use to clean your home. Many commercially formulated sprays, scrubs, and scents are actually potent chemical concoctions that can irritate your sinuses and throat, cause headaches and dizziness, and literally poison us every time we breathe.

You can instantly remove an entire suite of toxins just by changing to natural cleaning products such as white vinegar, baking soda, citrus juice and oils, rubbing alcohol, and pure water.

Contact Clean Air Solutions Hamilton for Help

Here at Clean Air Solutions Hamilton, we spend our days helping families and employers detoxify their indoor air, improve their health, and save the planet. We love our job! Contact us if you have questions or want to schedule a free quote to clean up your indoor air supply.

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