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Meet the UV Saber Light - An Air Purifier That Can Vanquish Dirty Sock Syndrome!

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Have you ever heard of the UV saber? Most people answer this question with a resounding – but curious – “nope!”

It definitely wins the coolest name award, doesn’t it?

But you don’t need to be a highly trained Jedi to use this saber. You need only to become aware of all the airborne toxins in your indoor air and understand their potential health consequences to suit up, saber up and get your clean on!

In this post, learn about what the UV saber light can do to clean up your indoor air.

What Is a UV Saber Light?

At its most fundamental, an ultraviolet saber light harnesses a synthetic version of sunlight to stop potent toxins in their tracks.

Our sun produces three bands of ultraviolet light – A, B and C. Band C is by far the most powerful of the three, which means it is a good thing it is blocked by the ozone layer that surrounds Earth!

A UV saber light focuses synthetically generated UV-C light on your A/C coils.

The A/C coils become progressively dustier and dirtier each time your HVAC system cycles on and off. As dirt, dust, mould, mildew, pollen, pet dander, bacteria and fungi, viral and microbial matter accumulate on the coils, your whole system operates less efficiently.

Even worse, as the pileup continues, a portion of the trapped particulates gets dislodged and propelled back out into your indoor air supply with each air cycle. Gradually, your indoor air becomes less clean, less pure, less breathable.

Worst of all, as this process inevitably continues, your home will eventually start to smell like...dirty socks.

What Is Dirty Sock Syndrome?

"Dirty sock syndrome" might sound like a laughing matter, but unfortunately it isn't.

Everyone knows what dirty socks smell like (and for the record, we haven’t yet met anyone who likes this scent).

And just as with any fragrance, often there are a number of chemicals that combine together to produce the signature scent.

With eau de dirty socks, those chemicals are primarily mould, mildew, bacteria, dust, microbials, dirt and moisture.


As bacteria, mould and mildew spores settle onto your A/C coils, they make a happy discovery. There is plenty of organic matter and moisture to foster their new colony. The spores have found a new home and they couldn’t be more pleased.

Over time, the spores grow, replicate and spread, sending out new spores to find other favorable locations to colonize – perhaps inside your air ducts, out into the drywall, insulation or woodwork and anywhere else that dust, dirt and moisture come together.

Soon, that toxic concoction begins to stink. This is about the time we often get a call from a concerned homeowner who worriedly informs us that their house smells “a lot like dirty socks.”

While dirty sock syndrome is not always dangerous, it can be, depending on what type of spores your coils have attracted. And this is where your UV saber light comes into the picture.

How Can a UV Saber Light Fight Dirty Sock Syndrome?

As we mentioned earlier, a UV saber light takes synthetic UV-C light and focuses it on your A/C coils.

The reason a saber light does this is that UV-C light can change the molecular structure of toxic matter – liquid, gaseous or particulate – and neutralize it so it cannot cause harm.

For example, if a molecule of liquid or gas carries DNA inside instructing it to replicate itself and colonize, after coming into contact with UV-C light, that DNA will be damaged so it cannot do its job.

Often saber light purifiers also use a magnet along with UV-C light. The magnet attracts solid particles to it and literally pulls them out of the air so they will not be blown back into your indoor air supply.

In this way, a UV saber light tackles air toxicity on multiple levels by working directly on your A/C coils, stopping toxins before they ever get the chance to enter your indoor air supply.

Why You Want an Indoor Air Duct Cleaning + UV Saber Light

While a UV saber light can have a beneficial impact on indoor air quality all on its own, there is only so much even the strongest air purifier can do if your air ducts are clogged with toxic matter.

Air ducts really are an “out of sight out of mind” component of a home’s structure. Most people never even think about them until someone in the family starts coughing or wheezing and cannot stop.

Dirty air ducts are havens for the same mould and mildew and bacterial spores that often colonize the damp and welcoming A/C coils in your HVAC system. Once the spores have spread beyond the A/C coils and into your ducts, it’s going to take more than just an air purifier to get them out.

An indoor air duct cleaning and sanitizing service is your ticket to eradicating hidden colonies of bacteria, mould and mildew that are spreading through your air duct system. So often, persistent cases of dirty sock syndrome are those that have gone beyond the A/C coils and into the air ducts.

When you pair an indoor air duct cleaning and sanitizing service with installation of a UV saber light purifier, you not only remove existing bacteria, mould and mildew from your home but you also keep them from coming back – ever!

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