Heat Recovery Ventilators

How HRV's Work

Heat Recovery Ventilators ImageContaminated exhaust air and fresh outside air pass through the heat recovery ventilator core in separate passages that prevent air contamination or mixture.

The fresh outside air then absorbs the heat and warms up, and is distributed at more comfortable temperature to the various rooms by the ventilation system.

Benefits of an HRV

  • Filtered fresh air is circulated throughout your home day and night
  • Removes stale air, pollutants and moisture

Greentek HRV Model PH

Model PH - Professional (HRV)

  • PH 7.15 & PH 10.22
  • Our professional Heat Recovery Ventilator

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Greentek HRV - DH - Clean Air Solutions

Model DH - Deluxe (HRV)

  • DH 7.15
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator - 5th port with recirculation mode

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