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Ultimate 9700 Series Gas Furnace

Engineered and made in Canada

The 9700 Series in the shortest two-stage 97%+ AFUE furnace on the market.

Product Information

Napoleon’s Ultimate 9700 Series is the most stylish furnace in the industry. Featuring a two-stage gas valve and a variable speed, energy efficient ECM blower motor, the Ultimate 9700 Series will meet all your heating needs. The two-stage system creates a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout your home. The furnace will operate on the first, low fire stage for greater efficiency and comfort for most of the heating season. On colder days, the furnace automatically switches to the high fire, second stage to produce additional heat for your home. This effective two-stage system is like having two furnaces in one. Napoleon’s superior engineering and design guarantees reliable and efficient heat for years to come. With the Ultimate 9700 Series furnace, you’ll forget it’s winter.


Commercial Grade 409 Stainless Steel / Titanium Alloy Tubular Triple-Pass Heat Exchanger

Napoleon Ultimate 9700 Gas Furnace LED Lighting Napoleon Ultimate Gas Furnace UV Light Air Filter
Built in LED Lights in upper and lower compartments automatically turn on when door is opened Ultra Violet Light Air Purifier to improve indoor air quality and helps kill bacteria comes standard


  • Controlled wrinkle-bend design of heat exchanger creates tubes with consistent thickness and no weak areas
  • Highly-efficient triple pass tubular design has a large surface area to maximize heat transfer


Stainless Steel Heat Recovery Coil

  • Extracts the remaining heat from the flue gases once they exit the triple-pass heat exchanger
  • Increases efficiency by evenly distributing the remaining heat t othe coil’s large fins

Aluminized Multi-Port in Shot Burners

  • Corrosion resistant burner that perfectly shape the flame cone for maximum flame efficiency

Two Stage Gas Valve

  • First/low-stage operates at 60% of full capacity for optimum fuel efficiency on most days
  • Second/high-stage provides maximum heat for bitter cold and quick recovery rom thermostat set back

Self Diagnostic Integrated Furnace Control (IFC)

  • Built in LED lights in upper and lower compartments automatically turn on when bottom door is opened
  • The patented “SureView” window offers a unique view of the flame in operation
  • Contains LED service indicator lights to ensure quick and accurate service calls
  • Constantly monitors all safety devices
  • Interfaces with additional home comfort products using simple plug-in connections
  • Mounted between the blower rails for easy accessibility

Quite Furance compared to common sounds

Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)

  • Reduces electrical consumption by up to 80% over conventional blower motors
  • Soft-start soft-stop operation reduces noise levels by gradually increasing motor RPM’s at start-up and ramping down slowly on shut down
  • On continuous fan speed, the ECM motor consumes 60-80 watts compared to 400 watts for a conventional motor, reducing electrical consumption up to 80%
  • WHISPER QUIET™ operation

Durable Sound Reducing Insulated Cabinet

  • Baked-on powder coat paint resists scratching and corrosion (no sharp edges)
  • Acoustically insulated blower compartment & thermally insulated heat exchanger compartment for quiet operation and reduced clearance to combustibles

Efficiency and Fuel Saving


15 Year Unit Replacement Lifetime Heat Exchanger Warranty 10 Year Parts Limited Warranty

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