Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality And Breathe Easy This Spring!

It’s Allergy Season! Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality And Breathe Easy This Spring!

Save 10% Off Air Duct Cleaning Packages and take $100 Off Whole Home Indoor Air Quality Equipment Until May 31, 2021!


So far, it has snowed, poured rain, thunderstormed and reached a high of 20 degrees - WELCOME TO SPRING IN ONTARIO!

As you prepare for the changing season with spring cleaning tasks around the house, don’t forget to include your HVAC Spring Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality Equipment! Although you normally can’t see the effects of poor HVAC maintenance, you can definitely feel them, smell them and even hear them - especially with allergy season just around the corner! *ACHOO!*

At CleanAir Solutions, we are offering 10% off our Duct Cleaning in Hamilton and surrounding areas, as well as $100 off all of our Whole Home Indoor Air Quality Equipment!

Breathe Easy This Spring With Superior Air Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Equipment.


Why Should Air Duct Cleaning Be On Your Spring Cleaning List?

With flowers beginning to bloom, trees beginning to bud and pollen beginning to immerse the air we breathe - it’s vital that we prepare our air ducts and prevent those allergens from entering our respiratory system!

In the Greater Toronto Area, spring air duct cleaning is a must! Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where more of our family members are staying indoors, home office’s are becoming more prominent and we are taking every opportunity to open our windows to let that fresh air in!

At CleanAir Solutions, you can save 10% off your Residential Air Duct Cleaning Package and enjoy the spring season without getting stuffed up!

What Are The Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning?

  1. Improved Air Quality 

  2. Reduced Allergens

  3. Improved Air Circulation 

  4. Increased Lifespan of HVAC Equipment 

  5. Reduced Unwelcome Odours

  6. Reduced Dirt and Debris Levels 

  7. Reduced Harmful Toxins  


How To Improve Indoor Air Quality Within Your Whole Home?

Once you’ve had your air ducts professionally cleaned, save yourself some time and install your whole home indoor air quality equipment at the same time!

Whole home indoor air quality equipment can improve your home’s ventilation, air quality, air exchange rate, humidity levels and more!

The best news? Right now, CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton is offering $100 off any of our Whole Home Indoor Air Quality Products!

CleanAir Solution Whole Home Indoor Air Quality Equipment:

  • Whole Home Humidifier 
  • Whole Home Air Filtration System 
  • Whole Home Air Purification System 
  • Whole Home HEPA System 
  • Whole Home UV Air Purifiers 
  • Whole Home Heat Recovery Exchange Units
  • Whole Home Ventilation System 


Schedule Your Duct Cleaning and Whole Home Indoor Air Quality Installation Today With CleanAir Solutions in Hamilton, Ontario!

Are you looking for a solution to your spring allergy symptoms? Take advantage of our incredible Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality Deals! You’ll be breathing easy in no time!

Contact CleanAir Solutions for your Air Duct Cleaning in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford and surrounding areas! Call our HVAC team at (289) 272-2470 or Fill In The Form Below to get in touch with our technicians!

Breathe Healthy Today!

*Offer expires May 31, 2021.
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