Yearly Maintenance Savings

Shipton's recommends having yearly maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment. This maintenance can save you from costly breakdowns and uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Check out our annual plans for more savings, or book your appointment now.

Preventative Maintenance

Smart homeowners agree it's cheaper to prevent a problem than to fix one. A Maintenance Service Agreement gives you the security of knowing that your HVAC system is always in prime working condition and that you are covered if any sudden problems arise.

At Shipton's we offer three maintenance agreements which allow our customers to choose one that suits their own needs depending on their home comfort system.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Protection Plan

Our Maintenance Saving Agreements:

  • Energy Saving Maintenance Agreement
    (20% discounts)
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  • Advantage Saving Maintenance Agreement
    ($1,400.00 coverage)
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  • Ultra Saving Maintenance Agreement
    ($2,000.00 coverage)
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Chances are, your heating and cooling system is the most important (and expensive) piece of machinery in your home. In fact, it's probably also the largest consumer of energy! For such an important piece of equipment, a heating and air conditioning system often doesn't receive the regular attention that it needs to operate properly. When that happens, the expense of repair and replacement can become overwhelming.

A bi-annual precision tune-up and professional cleaning of your unit can eliminate the most common preventable problems before they have a chance to take a bite out of your budget. However, even the best maintenance can't prevent all problems from occurring. That's why we automatically give service priority to customers with Maintenance Service Agreement, along with parts and labour coverage depending on which agreement you choose.

Still not sure whether a Preventative Maintenance Plan is right for you?

Consider the following, in the long run, a Maintenance Service Agreement will cost only a fraction of the price of the service visits and replacements that could have been prevented. You change the oil in your car; you run anti-virus programs on your computer and likewise, you should take basic measures to ensure the long-term health of your heating and cooling system.

Did You Know?

If your car was used as often as your furnace and air conditioner, it would have traveled over 325,000 Kilometers in a year. Impossible you say? Well, it's not. Your home heating and cooling system operates approximately 3,200 hours in a year. If you traveled 3,200 hours at 100 kph in your car you would have changed your oil 66 times, used 4 sets of tires, performed 4 tune-ups and flushed your cooling system 3 times.

No one would drive that many kilometers without performing any maintenance and expect for things to function properly. Just like your car, your furnace needs a tune-up, lubrication and cleaning. By performing a precision tune-up and professional cleaning on your furnace, you minimize the chance of breakdowns saving energy and extending the life of your system.

Preventive Maintenance & Your Furnace / Air Conditioner Warranty

Every furnace and air conditioner manufacturer recommends routine maintenance. What many homeowners never realize is that nearly every manufacturers owner's manual and warranty fine print states the homeowner is required to maintain their equipment or the warranty may become void. The small investment in a furnace tune-up will return big rewards. Some manufacturers require proof of routine maintenance, so remember to always keep a copy of your receipts for any and all service work performed.

The top cause of system failure is dirt buildup, which can be prevented with regular maintenance. A neglected system can waste up to 22% of a household's electrical output; imagine what that can do to your utility bills! A well-maintained system can eliminate allergens and pollutants from your indoor air. Not only can this make your life more comfortable, it can save you money on medical bills and related costs.

Priority service calls guarantee that if something does cause your system to fail, you'll jump to the front of the line for repairs. Imagine how much difference a single day of 100-degree weather makes in your home; isn't it worth taking the opportunity now to make sure you're covered in any situation?

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